MUZZY is the world’s #1 language course for children, featuring popular animated characters, rich immersion methodology, and engaging stories, games and exercises. The award winning program now has a whole new generation of interactive content that will emerge for today’s tech-savvy children and all levels of early language learners worldwide.

Developed in its original form by the BBC, MUZZY has been completely renovated and upgraded, and in the process has added hundreds of new games and activities like audio recording and typing.

MUZZY is divided into 2 video stories “Muzzy in Gondoland” (Level 1) with 6 educational units and “Muzzy comes back” (Level II), also with 6 educational units. Each level incorporates approximately 85 minutes of video story content (two full motion movies of animated cartoon).

In addition to these video stories, MUZZY comes with nearly 2 hours of video animated vocabulary where children watch videos of everyday objects. Each unit also includes exercises or games that reinforce the content of the videos and the vocabulary learned in the videos.

Yes, the earlier a child is exposed to a second language, the better.

Your non-reading child will enjoy the MUZZY video story and will be able to pick up vocabulary from the animated vocabulary videos. There are also many games specifically designed for non-reading children. Please check our Parents Guide for more details on how to locate these games. The non-reading games are clearly indicated by an Audio Bubble next to them.

Each child is different and this also depends on how much time your child dedicates to MUZZY every week.

Each lesson serves as the foundation for the next; building on the words and concepts that your child just previously learned. When your child is comfortable with understanding the video story of the first unit, and has watched the vocabulary videos, he should then progress to completing the games and exercises. Once he can work through the games with confidence, it is time to move on to the next unit. If your child prefers to watch the whole story, let him. MUZZY works like a regular animated movie that children love to watch many times. Let them.

We offer subscriptions of various lengths, and should you need more time than that you can purchase additional subscription time. We recommend that with a regular study program, a year will give you enough time for your child to work through the whole MUZZY course.

MUZZY is currently available to learn British English, American English, Spanish, Latin-American Spanish, Chinese (Pinyin), Korean (RR), French, German and Italian. MUZZY will help your child in every step of the learning process. It has a complete tutor in many languages. There are audio and text tutors in every game with simple and clear instructions.

The complete audio and text tutors are available in British English, American English, Spanish, Latin-American Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Korean (Hangul), French, German and Italian.

Note to learners of Chinese and Korean: MUZZY teaches the official Romanized version of Chinese and Korean (Chinese Pinyin and Korean Romanized Revision respectively). Romanized version means learning to read and to pronounce using standard Latin based characters; but the tutors for native Korean and Chinese speakers are in Korean Hangul and Simplified Chinese.

  • Does MUZZY work?

For over 25 years, MUZZY has been introducing millions of children world-wide to a second language; it has a long history of success. MUZZY is effective for children of all ages.


There is no installation required. You can follow the course in computers using Windows, Mac or Linux, Android and Apple iOS tablets and phones.

An internet connection is required for all platforms.

MUZZY is available for PC, Mac, iPad, Apple iOS and Android phones and tablets.

An internet connection is required for all platforms.

A PC with Windows 7 or later will be more than enough as long as it has an internet browser, like Google Chrome, Firefox or Windows Internet Explorer 11.0 or later.

If you want to practice Pronunciation you will need a microphone. All laptops incorporate mics.

For Apple Mac any computer running OSX 10.6 or later will do.

Please read the section Does MUZZY require any installation?

  • I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

To manage your account and get help with Course issues, password problems, etc. please pick the appropriate link from the list below.

Please remember to state your country of residence when writing to us.

Other Countries not listed: Growing Minds at www.muzzybbc.com​​

If you understand the restrictions and the minimum requirements of MUZZY you should not have any technical problems.

MUZZY is packed with video, so your Internet connection should be fast enough to handle video. But, if MUZZY is not working as it should be, please contact your distributor as per the list above.


Parents are advised that their involvement in any activity will keep their child motivated and engaged, and this is true for MUZZY. Please consult our Parents’ Guide for tips on how best to involve yourself and help your child to learn a new language.

We all know that learning languages expands your world, your interests and has the potential to create a happier life.

Science has demonstrated that there is what is called “a window of opportunity”. We know that children have the ability to learn a language well before they learn to read and write. Some children start talking when they are 1 or 2 years old. Usually at the age of 3 they can make complex sentences.

When parents are fluent in two languages and speak to their children in both languages, the children end up fully bilingual, way before going to school. This is a known fact. So what is going on? Children are like sponges. They absorb many concepts without us noticing.

When MUZZY was developed by the BBC more than 25 years ago, their creators decided that video was a powerful tool to teach languages (this is still true today). The predominant idea at that time was that MUZZY was good for children aged 5 and over. Parents proved that this was wrong. Even though it was not recommended for children of less than 5 years old, parents introduced MUZZY to their children at 3 and many even at 2 years old. They told us that MUZZY was an invaluable tool to expand their brains. We thought that was maybe, a little farfetched. But.... science has evolved and according to new studies (we recommend that you search the internet for My Brilliant Brain, a documentary from Discovery channel and Windfall Films) children have a unique ability to start absorbing languages, colors, objects and even music as soon as they are born; and that brain cells are at their fullest when children are exposed to these elements. If the brain cells are not used...they can be lost forever.

We are certainly not implying that MUZZY will make your child a genius, but science is telling us that children can benefit from being exposed to “motivating elements”. Languages seem to be one of these elements. So it seems that the “window of opportunity” starts even earlier than the age of 2.

Let your child decide.

MUZZY is like a movie. Kids absorb the new language faster than you think, but repetition is the key.

Let them watch the video as many times as they like.

MUZZY has a video called Vocabulary which contains more than 600 words. Have them watch it also. Once they have seen the videos (the story and the vocabulary) many times encourage them to try the games. There are games for reading children, and for non-reading children. They are clearly marked with icons throughout the Course Non-reading games concentrate on listening, comprehension and pronunciation; while reading games are more focused on reading activities. Reading children should do both. MUZZY has a Recording game section that should be used by reading and non-reading children.

There is also a Typing section for reading children. If your child is starting to read and write, allow them to do reading and non-reading games. Above all let children discover all the features of MUZZY. You will be surprised.


Please visit or write to our regional or local distributors:

Please remember to state your country of residence when writing to us.

Other Countries not listed: Growing Minds at www.muzzybbc.com​​